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Don’t Use Condoms That Aren’t Latex Free

Condoms do not fully protect against the spread of AIDS. They are only a form of protection, used to reduce the risks of pregnancy. When used as directed, condoms can reduce your chances of becoming infected with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and sometimes the dreaded AIDS virus. However, unprotected sex does not always protect against all forms of STD’s. For those who do not practice safe sex, or for women, under-protected anal intercourse can lead to serious health problems.

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Condoms do not completely protect you from all STD’s. There is no means to completely eliminate STD’s but using a condom greatly reduces your risks. A condom will protect you against the spread of genital warts, genital herpes, syphilis and hepatitis. It will also reduce the risk of pregnancy. Since most STDs start in the digestive system, by using a condom you reduce your chances of getting infected with HIV or AIDS.

If you are using a condom that does not protect you from all STDs, then you may be exposing yourself to other health risks. The material of the condom itself can cause allergies, especially latex. Latex allergies often show up as a rash or hives. These can be very serious and should be checked out by a doctor. Another concern with latex is that it does not absorb moisture well. This means that the condom will not be able to provide adequate protection, and if it does absorb too much, it can fall off before you ever have intercourse.

The latex allergy can be avoided by choosing condoms that are non-latex. You can find these in sports stores, or by looking in some of the large adult magazines on the stands at your local mall. Latex-free condoms are becoming more available, and the ads for them can be seen on TV, in the yellow pages, or at sex shops. Look for the words “latex-free” on the label. These condoms are made with natural latex and don’t contain any chemicals that could irritate latex allergies. Because they aren’t made with latex, they provide the same protection as any other condom.

Whether you choose a condom that doesn’t protect you from AIDS, or one that does, you should still use a condom when having sex. Condoms don’t completely protect you against the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. However, they do reduce your chances of getting one. So, the choice is up to you. Choose a condom that covers you and your partner completely, and that you know will protect you against sexually transmitted diseases.

Remember that the choices you make regarding the protection you get will affect your chances of being exposed to HIV and AIDS. If you choose to use condoms that aren’t free, you put yourself at a higher risk of being infected. And, if you choose a condom that does not completely protect you against AIDS, your partner is likely to contract HIV through unprotected sex, regardless of whether you have AIDS or not.

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